The infrasonics - chocolate synth

“Issuing the very last word on the state of dubstep’s constant mutations in 2008, Londoner Spatial drops an exceptional 10” of clipped post-Burial/future-garage productions for the newly coined Infrasonics imprint – and right at the very end of 2008 has produced what will no doubt be a true collectors item a few months down the line. Housed in a minimalist sleeve and bearing little other info than a five letter code and the label’s URL , the aesthetic is deliberately stripped and scoured clean, much like the beats inside. ‘80207’ is an absolutely killer slice of crisp and spacious garage dub progressions, sounding like the perfect union of Andy Stott’s techno dub fixation crossbred with Burial’s swung patterns and 2562’s chrome plated production gloss, but adds old skool rave strafes and some cybotronic mechanics of his own for a truly shocking cut. The flipside numbered ‘70810’ rewrites the formula even further, starting with a El-B fashioned rhythmic framework, Spatial reinforces the rhythm with slashing brushstrokes to remove any unneccessary beats, and douses the whole thing with a ghostly atmosphere reminiscent of Burial or Andy Stott’s finest. It’s either the end of a vintage year for garage futurisms or the start of a very promising 2009, either way, this is just awesome. Be quick."

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The Infrasonics - Chocolate SynthThe Infrasonics - Chocolate SynthThe Infrasonics - Chocolate SynthThe Infrasonics - Chocolate Synth