Luciano - god bless the children

Years of continued…struggling???  TO survive “LIFE”???  After surviving the car accident.  I spent years searching and searching for the medical diagnosis that would explain EVERYTHING!!!  Glimpses of the truth had been revealed, however, I absolutely REFUSED  to even  consider that “MY” life had been touched by such evil during childhood.  Yep, “LIFE” had sure been difficult.  I had chosen, however, to survive it by denying it.  God finally revealed the truth.  BAM!!!  I had, indeed, been molested as a child and “THIS”…was the missing puzzle piece of my life that would allow all those shattered pieces to begin fitting together…AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!!  This… is “My Life Journey,” folks.  .:  “My Spiritual Life Journey”.  Amen.

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Thoughts and prayers to the entire family. Angelica and I are here for whatever you need during this difficult time. We love you all.

Luciano - God Bless The ChildrenLuciano - God Bless The ChildrenLuciano - God Bless The ChildrenLuciano - God Bless The Children